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Tips to help quit smoking marijuana

Posted January 29, 2016 By Fastweb

Quitting weed is not always easy especially if you have been smoking for many years. The debate is still open as to whether or not weed is harmful or addictive, but many users find there comes a point in there life after smoking for a long time that they want to quit smoking dope for good. The how to quit smoking weed guide is great place to start, if you or someone you know is intending to quit soon visit the home page here to get help now.

Although there are many studies that show weed, marijuana, cannabis, has actual health benefits, it should be noted that smoking (i.e inhalation of smoke) any substance can not be beneficial to health. While intake of marijuana in small amounts via methods other than smoking such as in food may have health benefits, most users who smoke and find themselves addicted whether it be a mental or a physical addiction will almost certainly want to quit for health reasons ant some point in their life.

As well as the obvious health reasons, there are other reasons people may want to give up the lifestyle, because it is a drug culture lifestyle. Because it is illegal in most states and countries, acquiring the drug means mixing with other criminals which can be dangerous and often leads on to harder drugs as many of the cannabis dealers will sell other harder drugs and as there is ultimately more money to be made possibly from drugs such as crack, cocaine and heroine, and other opiates then it stands to reason these criminally minded individuals may try to push harder drugs onto regular weed smokers. So you are in a situation where you have to mix with hardened criminals who may also be involved in gun crime and other crimes and anyway even by just smoking weed you run the risk of being arrested and having a criminal record.

There comes a point in everyones life who uses cannabis (usually) where you start to question your behaviour and and want to take your life in a more favourable direction and become more responsible. Often this point comes when you become a parent and bringing a new born baby into the world whether you are a father or a mother, is often the turning point where you realise you have to become a good responsible parent and adult and that using any illegal drug (or even some legal drugs) is not a good responsible choice to be doing so around children.

Sometimes what makes it hard to quit is the smoking habit, some users who have smoked for years and realise the dangers of smoke inhalation decide they still want to use cannabis but don’t want to be soaking it. Either way if you decide to just sot smoking the stuff or decide to quit for good and detox your body completely of the drug there are tips and tricks to help make quitting weed easier¬†and at the end of the day if your going to make it happen you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible to quit smoking weed.